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What to wear for Independence Day / 5 ideas of national look for Independence Day

Independence Day requires a good mood, a healthy state of mind and proper attire. That’s why the ORNAMENT online clothing store, on the eve of this truly consolidating holiday, has selected the TOP 5 best ideas for a holiday bow for you. For men, women and children – the choice in our catalog is for every connoisseur of contemporary things in Ukrainian style

Classic: embroidery or pair for a pair

Traditionally, it is always appropriate to describe this bow. Any embroidery will fit you regardless of age and gender, so do not lose the opportunity to wear your favorite embroidery shirt. And for couples in love the most popular option is always a set of identical shirts, which will further emphasize your feelings and festive patriotic mood.

No unnecessary words and a shirt

A beautiful blouse or shirt is a great analogue to traditional embroidery. Such clothing is decorated with ethnic motifs, but delicately and to a very small extent, which is why it can be worn anywhere you like: for a date, a movie, for a walk, or even for a holiday. It is comfortable, stylish and always spectacular. All you have to do is choose a comfortable shirt of the right size, accessorize with a skirt or pants and accentuate the accessories.

Everyday: T-shirt + jeans or shorts

If you do not imagine your life without stylish casual clothes and do not like all kinds of blouses, jackets and other official things, combine your favorite embroidered T-shirt with ornament and practical jeans, shorts, skirt. This tandem will look simple and stylish at the same time!

Not all: an embroidered jumpsuit

Overalls – a thing quite unpopular in the wardrobe, and that is its charm and an added plus. Not every fashionista wears such clothes, so you have a chance to create a very original image. To do this: choose an embroidered jumpsuit, add comfortable shoes (to keep your legs comfortable during the holiday) and maybe a few accessories. Now you can safely head for Independence Day celebrations!

Traditionally: embroidered dress

Easy, beautiful, stylish, authentic … Probably the list of pluses of the embroidered dress is really endless. These women’s clothing is made of linen or cotton, so you will be comfortable even on a hot August day. The perfect finishing touch to your image is a beautiful flower wreath or a stylish straw bag.

Let’s celebrate our holiday with a pure soul in a stylish way! Choose any beautiful embroidery, dress, shirt, overalls or other item of Ukrainian wardrobe to be in the theme of Independence Day of Ukraine!

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