Want to see our national heritage?

The Ukrainian Heritage Project is a short thematic video about our original culture, customs and traditions. The pilot episodes have already received a lot of praise from critics and viewers alike.

The first cycle of “National Holiday Dress” will reveal to you the color of ancient folk clothing. In each clip, the image of a resident of a certain region of our country and the features of her clothing that depended on the place of residence, age, and social status are reproduced.

Women and girls of different character and appearance were invited to participate in the shoot. Their images were to combine the simplicity and pride of a real Ukrainian.

Famous folklorists Lyudmila Klimchuk and Marichka Kvitka worked on the project. They took care of the authenticity of national costumes provided by private collectors.

The musical design of the episodes will not leave the viewer indifferent. For the commercials recorded the author’s processing of folk songs. Quality graphics and authenticity make this project truly unique. Watch and enjoy!

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