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Ukrainians are waiting for the premiere of a cartoon about Mavka

Ukrainian cinema is bright, high quality, full of meaning. This is evidenced by the masterpieces of Dovzhenko Studio and modern tapes “Eyelids”, “Guide”, “Tribe” and others.

However, the list of the best Ukrainian cinema of recent years includes not only deep films, but also cartoons. “Babai”, “Nikita Kozhemyak”, “Eskimoska” amuse and teach children, capture adults. Get ready: another impressive premiere awaits us in the future.

An animated film based on a brilliant play

Animagrad Studio announced the release of a cartoon based on the plot of Lesya Ukrainsky’s work “Forest Song”. In the center of events is the keeper of the forest M, who falls in love with the ordinary guy Lukash. What awaits our fabulous heroine? Hard choice: be faithful to your calling or choose love.

Premiere of the cartoon “Forest Mavka” is scheduled for the year 2019, but the teaser can be seen today. Apparently, unforgettable adventures await us, a bright and high-quality picture, a sense of pride in the literary heritage of our compatriots.

The production of the animated film was supported by the State Agency for Cinema, and the musical accompaniment for it was prepared by the Dakha Braha band. We look forward to meeting with a gentle, loving and dreamy Mavka!

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