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Top 5 Ethno Images this Fall

Warm October and bright November are the weather that awaits every fashionista this fall. According to the forecasters of fashionable forecasters, there will be a great time for interesting experiments on the streets. So stay tuned for stylish weather, and the ORNAMENT online store will tell you the latest news.

Top 5 images for Fall 2018

Feminine and confident

Black is universal: we feel comfortable, spectacular and casual in it. It’s the perfect tone for a dress to wear to work, a date at a restaurant, or a business lunch. That is why the Nenka black dress with long and lush sleeves will complement your fall wardrobe. Its free cut will not hamper movement, and a delicate pattern will emphasize your femininity. The motto of this dress is elegant minimalism that will emphasize your taste.

Original and free

Imagine that you open a closet and cannot pick up a blouse or sweater because you are sporting, or vice versa, classic pants. Do you often have this? Then urgently order yourself a sweatshirt – a real salvation for modern fashionistas. This is a fashionable wardrobe item that fits in with the classic and sporty style. WILD.G combines comfort and originality: a free silhouette will sit well on any figure and ethnic print will impress others.

Easy and natural

Linen things are not confused: they are light, almost weightless, elegant and stylish. Aristocratic linen wrinkle combined with trendy geometric embroidery – this stylish combination is embodied in the WERBA blouse. Its style is reminiscent of a classic women’s embroidery: straight silhouette, long sleeves, ornament on the chest and sleeves.

Simple, but with a twist

Wearing a warm wool sweater, we strive for physical and emotional warmth. And that’s it? Not really. BLACK BOBBLE sweatshirts in black or beige with pompoms will impress you with its immediacy and originality. This stylish item is a stand-alone wardrobe item that looks cool with jeans, playful with a skirt. It is impossible to go unnoticed in such a sweater, because you will be decorated with several soft and noticeable “raisins”.

Playful and festive

Choose bright and authentic dresses to celebrate your birthday, Defender of Ukraine and other autumn holidays. For example, the Eastern Fairy Tale embroidered dress with wedges is incredibly red. By the way, this dress is perfect for a colorful autumn photo shoot. Complete the image with a whisk, hat or other accessories – and it evokes memories of a sunny summer and a warm sea.

Choose beautiful and stylish Ukrainian-style clothing for everyday and public holidays. Your image this fall will be absolutely stunning. Get inspired in our lawns or combine your wardrobe on your own – be trendy and traditional this season! After all, fashion experts advise, and the weather permits.

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