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The value of colors in embroidery

Have you ever wondered what the symbolism of the colors on your embroidery is?

Embroidery is not only a masterpiece of golden hands of folk craftsmen, but also a treasure trove of beliefs, customs, rituals, spiritual aspirations and intellect of the Ukrainian people.

Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the semantics of the color palette of Ukrainian embroidery to buy a quality product that will protect and safeguard you.

The expressiveness and elegance of the embroidery is given by the red color. Red symbolizes joy, energy of the sun, love of life and freedom, it is most characterized by a protective and protective function.

Instead, black symbolized fertile land and its fertility, as land was our main breadwinner for our ancestors. Black embroidery on clothing gives its owner well-being and wealth.

White symbolizes innocence, purity and innocence. Previously, usually only young, unmarried girls wore embroidered shirts decorated with white threads, protecting them from trouble and bad eyesight.

One of the most popular colors of our people was green, which symbolized youth, beauty, serenity and spring awakening. Our ancestors believed that the color of clothing green saves from natural elements. Sewing with green threads symbolizes the pleasure, calm and endurance of its owner.

The most common color on Ukrainian embroidered shirts is blue, and its shades. Our ancestors considered it a powerful amulet, which is a symbol of heaven and water, purification. Blue embroidery most often adorned children’s and men’s embroidered shirts, because it was believed that it was men who often found themselves in dangerous situations, so they need to be protected and safeguarded.

Gold or, more precisely, yellow is a symbol of wealth, divine wisdom and prosperity. A shirt with yellow embroidery will definitely bring wealth and prosperity to its owner.

Purple symbolized God’s grace and combined the masculine and feminine. Most often, clothes embroidered with purple threads were worn by women with hope and children.

Brown is a symbol of hidden, life-giving power, like a seed about to germinate. Therefore, the brown color is the color of the plowed spring land, just sown and promising a good and generous harvest.

However, not only due to the color palette, ordinary embroidery was a talisman, but also symbolic ornaments and patterns embroidered on it.

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