Revolutionary red is the most fashionable shade of autumn

The new season is the time for a new trend color. Since 2000, experts at the Pantone Color Institute have been analyzing current trends in fashion and choosing the highlight of the year.

In 2015, the most fashionable was the shade of Marsala, in 2016, two were chosen at the same time – pale violet and pink quartz, and in 2017 – fresh greens. What did Pantone specialists prepare for us this year? The online embroidered clothing store Ornament has prepared for you an overview of the most desirable color this fall in all country wardrobes.

Autumn 2017: a trend for revolution

Autumn streets are decorated with bright shades of yellow and red. These are the colors of the first of November and the early sunsets. So meet the most fashionable tone of fall 2017 – it’s grenadine, the color of pomegranate syrup with a rusty undertone, and in domestic spaces it was called “revolutionary red”. Complementing this explosive color will be a dark shade of maroon called Tawny Port and a bright red Flame Scarlet.

Did you notice the notes of revolution in this shade? Not surprisingly, because one of the reasons for his popularity is the liking of this color by famous female politicians. So Angela Merkel is often seen wearing red suits, Hillary Clinton simply adores him, and Melania Trump finds the red palette very special.

Traditional clothing for this fall

The first red thing that should be in your wardrobe is a dress. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Leave behind all intrusive thoughts and boldly put on a red dress for work, a special evening or corporate event. It will make you feel feminine, bold and relaxed.

So you can choose:

  • a classic red dress with a chest decoration. It will be suitable for a party or autumn date. This dress looks very feminine with high heels and if you choose ballet flats you will create a delicate bow.
  • traditional Ukrainian dress with embroidery. It is called “Fire Dance” – it perfectly represents your future image. This dress is very restrained, but the playful belt will perfectly emphasize the waistline and make your look softer.

An alternative to a regular dress is an embroidered dress. It combines the classic loose-fitting, casual shirt and the comfort of a woman’s dress. Favorite puffy sleeves and a strap on the belt will emphasize the authenticity of the style, and the trend color is its modernity.

A real businesswoman will not do without a bright red suit this year. The laconic straight knee-length skirt and classic jacket can be worn together or combined with other things. All you have to do is pick up laconic shoes and accessories.

Don’t you have any thing in fashionable revolutionary red yet? Then get right! Choose modern clothes and accessories in the traditional style of Ukrainian brands. New collections are already available to anyone!

Revolutionary red is a bright, expensive, loud color. By the way, did you know that red has many shades? There are tones with a warm and cool base, so the trendy red tone clothing and accessories can be considered versatile.

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