Relevant Carpathian motifs in the cruise collections of famous couturiers

In the winter, we start to miss the warm air. You want to stroll through the sunlit streets in stylish sandals and light sundresses, feel a gentle touch of wind…

While we hide from the cold under thick blankets, designers present cruise collections of clothing for those who, in the cold season, indulge in the sunshine in hot countries.

Summer in the middle of winter

Every year, with the advent of autumn, fashion makers present a new cruise wardrobe that is suitable for spring and summer. At first glance, this is not logical: why do people open their clothes when it’s cold ahead? The fact is that such collections are prepared for persons who enjoy a holiday in warm countries. Of course, you can bring your old clothes, but is it interesting?

The concept of “cruise collection” emerged in the late 80’s of the XX century, when among the wealthy people from developed countries began a trend: to travel in the cold countries during the cold season. Celebrities did not want to bring their clothes and shoes from last season, and in Africa and Asia it was difficult to find exquisite things. Clever designers quickly responded to the needs of the rich, and the creation of clothing for holiday abroad has become a tradition.

What’s in this year’s cruise collections?

This year, most of the famous brands have expressed a love for ethnic motives and folklore of different peoples. Valentino preferred Cuban designs, Fendi to Japanese art, and Alexander McQueen to English creativity and national costumes.

At least that’s what their designers say. In fact, Hutsul items are also typical of well-known brands. A short white Fendi dress with a red floral print and wide sleeves features Ukrainian embroidery; in the Rosantica collection are notable jewelry with so-called tassels. Tabitha Simmons shoes are decorated with colorful flowers and Dolce & Gabbana handbags look like a wicker basket.

Overall, this season’s cruise collections are brightly decorated with embroidery, colored stones and flowers. It catches the eye of the combination of white and red, which also indicates the interest of designers in national costume. If you are a fan of colorful Carpathian outfits, we recommend that you look for Ukrainian designer clothes and accessories in the Ornament online shop, which successfully blend tradition and modernity.


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