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Mental, fairy-tale and truly Ukrainian art by Marina Mikhailoshina

Ukrainian folk art is rich in fairy tales, incredible myths and legends. Images of gentle macaques, uncontrollable Air, the adventures of foresters, stories about the Cossacks and Christmas – what are the topics for their reproduction on canvas?

These were the childhood thoughts of Marina Mikhailoshina, a creative Kyiv woman who is now engaged in painting and illustrating books. It was the love of folklore that made Marina such a talented artist. Among her favorite works are “Oh” and “The Stone State”. There are currently 7 exhibitions on Mikhailoshina’s account, including foreign ones, as well as 4 books.

Her talent is something incredible. Some connoisseurs compare Marina’s work to Van Gogh’s iconic paintings, while others are surprised by the unusual techniques she uses in her art. The girl works in painting, drawing and illustration. The peculiarity of her work is gravity for a combination of various techniques. In her drawings there are watercolors, different types of pencils, gouache, applique and even a regular ballpoint pen.

If you want something non-trivial, visit the exhibition of Marina Mikhailoshina, or at least get acquainted with some of her works on the Internet. The works of the artist and the emotions they evoke are worth it!

Cossack Mamai
Angel of hope
Garden cherry circle at home
Red viburnum bloomed in the valley

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