I paint a picture… by iron

Irina Zinik is the embodiment of skill, genius, extraordinaryness and great talent in one fragile person.

Her assets include over 1,000 beautiful paper drawings and over 100 wood-panel paintings.

The master said that she loved drawing from an early age. But even I could not think that this activity would be her vocation. She graduated from the Faculty of Energy, and became acquainted with the technique of iron drawing thanks to her friends: she saw on the wall of their dwelling a wonderful picture of the sea and the mountains. This image so impressed the future artist that she decided to try her hand. After 4 years of tireless work, the hobby has become a business of life.

After moving from Luhansk region to Chernivtsi, Irina opened a workshop, began conducting workshops for children. She exhibited her works twice. She uses wax crayons and melted irons to create this beauty. This technique allows to preserve the initial appearance and color saturation.

Most of all the craftsman likes the fact that the result always turns out to be unpredictable, because the wax is very disobedient: it floats, it drips. At first she draws with iron with molten wax, and if necessary adjusts with a brush.

Irina Zinik
Irina Zinik

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