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How Ukrainians will celebrate Vyshivanka Day

Celebration of Vyshivanka Day has become a good tradition among Ukrainians: every third Thursday of May, connoisseurs of beautiful national clothes and Ukrainian culture join in with large-scale events across the country.

And this year we are celebrating the 12th anniversary of this warm, soulful and truly consolidating Ukrainian holiday. That is why this holiday is a great reason to stroll the streets of your hometown in beautiful national clothes.

You will be shocked, but Vyshivanka Day is not only held in Ukraine. This World Holiday is celebrated in more than 50 countries in many countries. In Europe, America and Asia, thousands of people with and without Ukrainian roots will become part of our national holiday.

Recall the best moments of last year’s celebration:

– in Lviv 10 workshops prepared a huge platform: 16 meters, 150 kilograms. It was decorated with authentic ornamentation and eaten all over the city;

– an embroidered card was drawn in Dnipro from all regions of Ukraine. Each “area” occupied approximately 70 m2 and was decorated with a corresponding local ornament;

– in Chernivtsi there was a large parade of embroideries where thousands of citizens took to the streets in their favorite shirts. By the way, it was in this city that the Embroidery Day was started exactly 12 years ago.

P.S. And what was interesting and will be in your city for the Day of Embroidery? Share with us in the comments!

How will this year’s celebration be?

Each city will have its own holiday program. For example, in Khmelnitsky this year will hold an interesting flash mob: its participants in embroideries will depict the outlines of the Khmelnytsky region, and in the middle they will place the famous Podolsk ornament. Residents of Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Zhytomyr and other cities will not stay away, so stay tuned for local news and come to the celebration!

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Don’t forget: The Vyshivanka Day 2018 Celebration Program includes competitions, concerts, flash mobs, photo exhibitions and more. In every Ukrainian city there will be thematic events that you can not miss!

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