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How fairy tales come to life with the participation of Vladislav Yerko

Do you like fairy tales? It’s actually hard to find a person who doesn’t like them. Most of us, in our childhood, fell ill and sympathized with our favorite heroes of the magical kingdoms where Cinderella, Kai and Gerda lived, seven gnomes … We even imagined ourselves to be heroes in one of those magical worlds.

That is why fairy tales hold a special place in our heart. If you believe in miracles, then you will surely like the works of Ukrainian artist Vladislav Yerko. Among his most popular works are illustrations to “Tales of the Misty Albion”, stories by H. H. Andersen. By the way, there is a place in the works of Vladislav for serious works by writers Richard Bach, Paolo Coelho, William Shakespeare.

The artist is convinced that with the illustration each book comes to life and gives the reader even more exciting emotions. Do you agree with him?

Illustration to the fairy tale “Snow Queen”
Illustration for GH Andersen’s Tale “Cresalo”
Illustration of Vladislav Yerko to H Andersen’s Tale “The Snow Queen”

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