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Embroidery for everyone, or one unusual photo project

There are many people in our society who love to break stereotypes and do it very well. Talented photographer Taras Khlibovych photographed foreigners in Ukrainian national clothing – in embroideries. The models were students from India, Morocco, Iraq, Nigeria.

Taras set out to demonstrate that not only native Ukrainians and Ukrainians can wear such authentic attire. He sought to prove that a modern student of any nationality with a tablet in his hands and dressed in traditional clothes looks authentic and confirms that ancient art lives on.

For the photo shoot students from the medical university were invited without preference to individual nationalities. The models appreciated the bright colors of the embroidery ornaments and said that the cut of the men’s shirts was very close to the style of Arabic clothing.

The Demcourt family made use of page exhibits from their ethnography and helped to convey the depth of the images as much as possible. In the shoot they spoke Ukrainian and English. It was very fun and fun!

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