Beautiful fur coat with ethnic overtones

Apparently, every woman does not mind to buy a good fur coat, but there are also young ladies who simply cannot live without it. Usually in the wardrobe of the latter are several different models of fur clothing, but fashionistas still feel the need to buy something new, more relevant.

The last desired trend this winter is a Hutsul-style fur coat. These soft and fluffy products have won the fashion Olympus extraordinary.

Traditional production: from the Carpathians to the Himalayas

Designers from all over the world are inspired by folk art, and Ukrainian couturiers are no exception. The initiators of the Carpathian – Himalayas Laboratory Project, Nadiya Pozharskaya and Natalia Kamenska, have undertaken research to understand how to make gunas (hutsul fur coats) more comfortable and easy.

To this end, designers travel to the Carpathian villages, collecting sheep’s wool made by local craftsmen. They join the weaving industry as they seek to launch ethnically oriented production in the Carpathians. The new clothing line should be made using traditional sewing and weaving techniques.

In addition to the production of fur coats with Hutsul motifs, the designers also plan to create a center in the mountain village, where every tourist will be able to create for themselves something for themselves, using local techniques.

Archeofuturism by Para PLATFORM

In addition to producing traditional fur products using sophisticated technology, ambitious Ukrainian designers are amazed by the overall warm clothing. In particular, the Para PLATFORM project introduced a line of fur coats of “acid” shades – orange, green and others.

Its initiator Elena Nevertij explains why she characterizes her clothing as archeofuturism. In her opinion, “archeo” is a connection with traditions, since the products are made of sheep wool by traditional technology, and “futurism” – because the clothes adapt to the requirements of modern life. The designer mixes different directions to make the fur coats as comfortable and relevant as possible.

As part of the project, craftsmen from different corners of Ukraine were involved in the creation of clothing, but its founder was not satisfied with the shape of the products. Fur coats were bulky and square. Over time, she found craftsmen who were able to achieve the ease and plasticity of fur.

How modern Carpathian fur coats are made

Initially, the wool is steamed for 8 hours, soaked in mountain water and dried in the sun. Then the fibers are combed with an iron comb, and the raw material is stored in wooden barrels. Stones are placed on top of it to make the material even. Further, the thread is born, that is, the spindle masters spin the wool. After the fur coat is rolled down, it must be combed to form a pile.

The idea of ​​creating fashionable clothes based on folk traditions is not news. For example, Dries Van Noten and Maiyet sew their own collections of silk made in Varnasi Indian workshops. Cashmere Ryan Roche’s material is knitwear made from local raw materials in Nepal.

We hope that the modern Hutsul fur coats of Ukrainian designers will become a world trend!

Photo by VOGUE PARA Platform
Photo by VOGUE PARA Platform
Photo by VOGUE PARA Platform

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