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A heartwarming and moving video from The Hardkiss

Contemporary, cool, colorful, popular in Europe, but not losing touch with their roots and traditions … What kind of Ukrainian group can be described as such?

Of course, it’s all about The Hardkiss. From the insightful and charming voice of the frontwoman Yulia Sanina, you can feel skin shivers, even when the song is driven and fun.

New lyrics from talented musicians

Recently, a music band recorded the lyric song Cranes and recorded a concise video on it. The composition is so moving that the band members decided not to obscure its meaning with a dynamic music video – in the frame of Julia with magnificent braids she sings and plays guitar, sometimes there are picturesque landscapes.

Despite the fact that the song about love, in it and in the video, there is something Ukrainian, so native and familiar. Julia admits that she wrote a new hit on a tour while in a hotel room. Drama and unbearable love are common themes for a singer, but this time she wanted to create something gentle and light.

Initially, Sanina doubted that the written text was noteworthy. But Val, the band’s producer and guitarist, convinced her to take the risk. The musician’s friends also appreciated the new composition, so there was no doubt in Julia.

Enjoy this amazing song with deep meaning!

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