A corner of a fairy tale from Maria Primachenko

If you often visit Pechersk district and know where Maria Primachenko Boulevard is, expect miracles. Something interesting is about to appear for residents for city guests. And if this area of the capital is unknown to you, there is now another reason to visit these neighborhoods.

The boulevard of Maria Primachenko will become a real work of art, because it will be decorated with thematic murals and sculptures from the works of a famous Ukrainian artist.

“Prima Maria Art Boulevard” is exactly what the unusual open-air museum in Kiev will be called. The author of the project, Edward Akhramovich, has planned three separate areas: “Good Animals”, “Fairy Birds” and “Amazing Creatures”. In addition, stylized arches, numerous murals and sculptures will be erected, a thematic design of the underground passage will be completed, as well as a monument in honor of Maria Primachenko.

The project is really time consuming and responsible, so it will be implemented by the creators of Landscape Walk – Konstantin Skritutsky and Fedir Balandin. Already this year, work will begin on the creation of the open-air museum “Prima Maria Art Boulevard”. And in three years the people of Kiev and the guests of the city will be able to enjoy the picturesque and amazing scenery in the heart of the city!

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